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Callon Walker

Callon Walker

Real Estate Agent

Skillful, sharp, savvy and forever genuine, Callon Walker brings his cheerful and lively personality and extensive experience to the Boston real estate scene. As a realtor and contractor, Callon has spent his career championing for his clients and has a keen eye for what improvements need to be made to both list their home at the highest price point possible, and purchase a new one. Callon brings a level of comfort and ease throughout each transaction that cause others to notice and appreciate his flexible, patient and professional approach. By using creative methods and approaches to make the process of buying and selling stress free, vibrant and rewarding Callon brings satisfaction with every transaction.

Callon Says:  “Real estate truly is amazing. I am very fortunate to have worked with clients from all different walks of life and sincerely enjoy every minute of this business. Keeping current with the real estate market and overall economy is important to me. I spend a good amount of time talking with my clients about how these sectors can affect their buying power, ability to sell, and ultimately the lifestyles they are looking to achieve.”

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In the pursuit of selling your home, Mayer Realty Group works closely with our hand-picked team of professional vendors, each with excellent reviews and proven track records to manage every step along the way, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected things popping up and going unresolved.
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