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15 Home Spring Maintenance Tips

15 Home Spring Maintenance Tips
 As Spring arrives, there are many things homeowners should consider doing:
1.  Clean Up! Winter debris, old leaves, fallen branches, etc. Its time to haul out that vacuum, broom, etc and tidy up the place. Wash windows.
2.  Check your roof. Winter winds may have caused damage that requires your attention.
3.  Clean out gutters: they probably collected all sorts of debris over Winter.
4.  Clean and/or replace AC filters.
5.  Deep clean your dryer vent and other appliances.
6.  Check your washing machine hose: Maybe install a leak detector
7.  Clean and repair screens...the bugs are coming! Invisible screens are fab!
8.  Pressure wash decks, fences, etc and check for damages.
9.  Fix cracks in sidewalks and driveways before rains cause more decay.
10. Paint! Some surfaces may be overdue for some painting.
11. Replace smoke detector batteries if they are not hard wired.
12. Sharpen blades for garden equipment and kitchen knives.
13. Check caulking around doors and windows to conserve energy.
14. Trim bushes/clean thoroughly around any mechanical equipment.
15. Drain your water heater to clear out sediment.
Ongoing small maintenance items can prevent larger ones. Keeping any home in tip-top shape year-round is smart. Doing all these things just before selling is wonderful....for the next homeowner, but you may wish to enjoy a spiffy home too!

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