Buying a Home this Fall

Fall 2020: 7 Reasons to Buy Your Forever Home

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7 Reasons to Buy a New England Home in the Fall

    1. There is less competition in the fall.

    2. Sellers are worn out if their homes have been sitting since the late Spring & Summer months.

    3. Sellers are more serious in the colder months—there is a reason they are on the market now versus waiting for peak months.

    4. You can take advantage of some serious tax-breaks.

    5. You can take advantage of some end of year sales to help outfit your new digs.

    6. Inventory may be slightly less but so is the competition.

    7. Better negotiation power.

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In the pursuit of selling your home, Mayer Realty Group works closely with our hand-picked team of professional vendors, each with excellent reviews and proven track records to manage every step along the way, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected things popping up and going unresolved.
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