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Cut the Cord EARLY

Cut The Cord EARLY

Yesterday while meeting potential sellers who have lived in their home for decades, I felt the emotional weight of their decision to sell. This was a home full of wonderful memories and emotions. It was the setting for their full, rich lives, raising kids, building a life together, and aging to a point where the place was too big for their needs. This home which was once a blank canvas was now a fully completed masterpiece......and now they were ready for the next chapter.

My best advice to them as they prepared to make this big move was one I have shared successfully with others. It's called let's play pretend.....cut the cord NOW......not when you close, NOW. Before you list. Why? When you cut the cord at this point you may be better positioned to eliminate some of the many emotions around certain decisions that need to be made to sell. De-cluttering will become de-cluttering, not eliminating memories and items collected over time with love. Painting to white-out will not be the destruction of your style.....it will be essential preparation to maximize the opportunity for future owners to imagine THEIR lives in this home with less distraction. And so on.

When you cut the cord early, it opens the possibility of focusing on the future, the next chapter. It allows you to think, grow and plan this next chapter with enthusiasm rather than regret or agony. It allows you to become focused on your mission: selling your home/asset for the most amount of money for your retirement. This moment happens either way and will be challenging early, or later when you close, so why not start early and let this often painful and difficult process provide you with some real benefit

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