Different Times of the Day


Different Times Of The Day

All homes feel, sound, and look different at different times of the day and night. An astute buyer knows it's wise to somehow 'experience' this prior to committing to a purchase.

Naturally, it's mostly impossible to move into a home for a few weeks to take the place for a 'test-live' experience prior to signing on the dotted line. However, it is wise to go to the neighborhood at different times of day and possibly visit the home at different times of the day just to get a better idea of what things look, sound, and feel like. A sunset experience can be very different from an early morning moment. Where does the sun rise and set and how does that impact the light in the rooms? What lights come on from the street at night? A car on the street during the day without headlights on pointed at your living room is very different at night with lights on. The sounds of a nearby road may be completely different at one time of the day compared to another. An apartment that abuts a neighboring AC system may be quiet in the wintertime when not in use and noisy during the middle of summer....or not.

In this competitive market its important to do as much information gathering as you can.  Your agent will be a valuable asset to understanding the neighborhoods and helping you ask the right questions.  No place is perfect every time of the day, night or year. Understanding and knowing what to expect is a reality check that is worthy in the process.

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