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Do you need to renovate kitchens and baths when selling?


Kitchens & Bathrooms

These days buyers are less inclined to renovate: many simply cannot afford to do so as this requires cash after closing. Many want to tie their entire purchase into a mortgage to capitalize on low rates. Most automatically assume a tired/dated kitchen or bathroom means the entire home requires a gut renovation when often this is not the case. While many state that you only get a little over 50% of the value of a kitchen renovation, I think that may be inaccurate. This may be true in an older home where EVERYTHING is due for a renovation. I am speaking to 7-12 year old homes.

A home that was renovated 7-12 years ago and is basically in outstanding condition, often messages its age/wear-and-tear via its kitchen and bathrooms. Classic tastes are often very difficult to date especially if they are in mint condition. The kitchen/bathrooms may distort perceptions. In many ultra-luxury homes, owners and developers installed highly fashionable kitchens and bathrooms.....and those can tend to date themselves a lot quicker, not unlike fashion where classics stand the test of time compared to ultra-high-fashion that often loses its luster quicker or because of its distinctive look is easier to date.  I recently visited a 12-year-old home with a brand-new kitchen and bathrooms. Not much else had been changed besides regular maintenance and freshly painted walls. It showed as if it was brand new. Whenever I walk a home that has a dated kitchen and bathrooms, many automatically assume EVERYTHING is dated and requires renovating.

There is nothing newsworthy about the value of renovating kitchens and bathrooms, but these days it may be even more important. The buyer who sees zero requirement for 'work' will pay more......even if they plan on doing their own renovation work based on tastes. The buyer that buys a home that obviously requires tons of work is looking for a dramatically lower price.


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