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Fall Fireworks!

Fall Fireworks!
This weekend in the Northeast has produced a daytime fireworks display of riotous color as the leaves change with the seasons in a very dramatic fashion this year. Driving through dreamy winding roads lined with stacked stone walls yesterday was a real feast for the eyes and senses.
Changing seasons at this time of the year can reveal a level of beauty akin to the most dramatic Spring floral displays. The once somewhat ordinary green leaved trees that blended in with one another through Summer, explode into a feast of individualized colors from radiant yellows to deep reds, each one more vibrant than the other, especially on a sunny, blue-skies day. The extremes of this moment are not unlike markets that tend to be a wee bit over exaggerated before they calm down to rebalance.
Soon these leaves will fall to the ground and bare branches will be exposed, somewhat dull in appearance as nature shifts gears and hibernates for the winter. Leaves will become compost to fuel future growth. Not unlike markets, under the ground below frost lines, a hive of activity and growth in anticipation of a new season continues and the several months of what appears on the surface as a quiet time of dormancy, explodes with a vengeance of renewal in the Spring.
Seasons are not too unlike markets: their declines are almost always followed by recoveries and renaissance. Some winters can be more severe than others, but Spring - and the Fall - always arrive with certainty. All cycles are simply nature at work, a mix of certainty and sometimes a few surprises along the way.

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