Getting Ready for Spring Market

4 Things To Do Right Now to be sure your New England house is ready for the Spring Market!

George Washington Monument in Boston Common at the break of Spring

The Massachusetts Spring Market is Here!

Are you ready? While this is a stunning time of year in New England, it can also be super stressful for folks looking to list their home…but it doesn’t have to be! Here at The Mayer Realty Group, we do things a little different. Better. Our cutting edge technology and vast network, combined with our belief that investing in people is what really matters, makes selling or buying your home a much more pleasant experience.

Spring is in the air and homebuyers are coming back to life. The holidays are over, enthusiasm is up and the weather is getting warmer—we’ve entered the hot period for the housing market. If you are about to list your home in Boston proper or the Greater Boston Market, here are 4 things you need to prioritize stat:

    1. Hire the right Realtor.

    2. Prepare your house. As a general rule of thumb, it’s good practice to put your home's best face forward, from planting flowers along the walkway to updating appliances in the kitchen or bathroom. Deep clean. Get rid of those stains. Prepping your home is imperative to getting the highest possible return on your investment. Staging is also a key component. We have a team take care of all these pieces for you.

    3. Price it right the first time. If your home is priced too high, it's much harder to bring back the homebuyers who moved on to other listings because the asking price was out of their range. Redfin reports that as of mid-February 2019, more than 1 in 5 homes for sale on the site had undergone a price drop, an increase of about 3.5% of homes seeing price drops around the same time 2018.

    4. Pick the Right Day. Strategy! You’ve done all the preparations are and ready to list your house—but it's Monday. Should you? Your real estate agent will probably want you to wait until first thing Thursday morning (we’re talking as close to 12:01 a.m. as possible). Why? Since many people house hunt on the weekends, they typically start looking online on Thursday or Friday to prepare. If you list on Monday, buyers will still see your home, but it will be farther down the page—if your listing is still on the first page at all. To optimize views (which could turn into more showings), consider listing later in the week.

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