How Much Decoration is Too Much

Thanksgiving is over and we are now fully into the throws of the holidays.

Holiday lights are turning up everywhere, downtown Canton has decorated the tree-lined main street. My neighbor has put out Rudolph and Santa and so many homes on Chapman and Walpole are showing off their glitz and glam. I can’t believe how fast its coming, and I am sure I say that every year. Since I spend the bulk of my time looking at homes, researching real estate and completely living the life of a Realtor, I wonder how much decoration is too much decoration?

If you are listing your home during the most wonderful time of the year, decorations should be simple, minimal. Leave your giant blow up Santa that usually sits on the front yard in storage. Less is way more during this time when you are showcasing your home for sale, and not trying to compete with your neighbor across the street. Think of poinsettias and greenery, white sparkly lights with nominal decoration. These sure-fire tricks will make sure your home is open house ready all the time. If you are waiting till after the holidays to sell than have at! Get crazy, lights, blow up Santa’s and giant sleighs parked on the front yard, after all this could be your last year you beat the neighbor!

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