At Compass, we talk a lot about #MOVEFAST. In our world today, this is not an option - it’s a requirement, but most don’t have the tools which allow them to actually do this. Compass’ approach to moving fast isn’t haphazard - it’s extremely strategic and planned by the brightest and the best in the industry at the helm. The world of technology and real estate continues to evolve at an incredible pace so we must keep up and stay ahead. This past week, I read a blog post by someone who follows and writes about the real estate/tech industry. This particular post about our financial results was unusually positive especially in comparison to our publicly listed peers. He spoke to the fact that we are outperforming our peers by a few percentage points each quarter and that the compounding effect of the incremental improvements is propelling us past our rivals. He added that “Compass’ growth is noteworthy, and demonstrates that while the industry moves slowly, some players move faster than others.” So, back to #MoveFast.

It’s all connected. Moving Fast, the compounding effect of growth, our financial results, and how each of us has the tools to run our business as brokers and real estate advisors. When we Move Fast and never stop, we gain incrementally every moment. How far we have come in such a short amount of time was clearly evident to me as I watched and listened to an industry webinar this past week. The webinar was entitled “Building a Competitive Advantage with Technology''. When I received the email about this webinar, I thought it would be interesting to hear about what others are doing but had not thought about it in relation to our results that would be shared in our upcoming State of the Company meeting. As I listened to the webinar presentation by the brokers and owners on the panel, the difference between where Compass is, and where the “industry” is, was stark. They talked about digital whiteboards, about the different tech companies to which they subscribed for staying in touch with their virtual teams, about Google Voice and Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Trello, They talked about the importance of a CRM, and email templates, and action plans (they called them “Activity Plans''): All these different tools in different places. It was like walking into one of those industry trade shows where you have several hundred vendors all pining for your business.

The Compass approach is starkly different as we focus on the business of the agent with our own technology. All WE have to do is go to - and everything opens before us. Time and again, when agents from other firms ask me about Compass, I tell them that Compass really is different. And this past week clearly drove that home. Moving Fast has caused us to move faster and the incremental improvements have made each moment compound. 

Sometimes we don’t notice the change because we are in the middle of it every day, but it was so apparent in our State of the Company meeting, the blog post I read, and the webinar I watched how we are already light years ahead and getting further ahead every day. #MoveFast.


****Thanks to Steve Hudson, Managing Broker of COMPASS Winnetka, Illinois*** 


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