Move Over Matterport!


Matterport was very important during the pandemic, but less so, I feel now. And a lot of my sellers
didn't like the Matterport tours. They love that I offered it. And then when they saw it, they were like,
"You can see every scuff on my wall." You could get that close to see every internal flaw that existed
that a lot of my sellers got a little bit like, "Maybe we don't want to show the Matterport tour."

Not that we're trying to hide anything but the video immersion tours that we do now just showcase the
home in such an amazing light where very million dollar listing-esque, very HGTV, where the drone
comes in and then you've got this speed up and then slow down and speed up-slow down, and you kind
of see the house in this super cool way. And you can do that with any property. I do that with a
$300,000 condo and I do that with a $2 million home in Dorchester. You really can do this video
immersion piece and highlight phenomenal areas of the house.

What I really like about it though is you can also highlight what's going on around that house. So if
buyers are trying to figure out what neighborhood they want to be in, and you get your photographer to
also do some drone shots or some drone video of the neighborhood the house sits in, it's even better.
It's even more content for today's buyer.

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