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So You Want to Sell Your Home Without an Agent?

5 Reasons You Should Never FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

3-5 minute read

The Myth of Selling & Buying On Your Own

At first glance, it might seem like a good idea to sell your house or to make an offer on a new home on your own. Rates and home inventory is incredibly low, making it a very strong seller's market for sure. The idea of saving as much cash on commission as possible and having total control over the process is super appealing, but you wouldn’t stand in front of a judge without a lawyer, consult a dentist for a broken finger or start an online business without a digital marketer. So, why would you shop for a new home or sell your old home—arguably one of the biggest decisions of your life—without an expert by your side? At the end of the day, it’s your choice. But first, a few things to chew on.

Home Buying & Selling in the Age of Covid19

Nobody wants to leave money on the table and this couldn’t be more true now that we find ourselves living through and enduring a global pandemic. What this means for homebuyers and sellers is substantial. Gone are the days of folks coming in and out of open houses. Nearly everything is digital now, laced with policies and procedures meant to protect the public. Frankly, it’s been a lot to navigate, but Team Mayer Realty Group was an early adopter of all things digital and Compass was quick to initiate a buffet of digital services via our Virtual Agent Services, so we’ve mastered the art of taking very good care of our clients and just like the internet doesn’t sleep, we, too are working around the clock.

Open Houses

Selling in today's market without representation can be a lot of liability and a lot of risk, especially with regard to showing your home. For example, at MRG, when we host an open house, we set up a schedule and we take appointments. If you're showing up without an agent, you're waiting much longer to get access to the house, you're missing the opportunity to understand all of the details regarding the house, and you have no idea about the nuances from the seller’s perspective, like…what is the seller actually looking for? We also prioritize safety, going above and beyond to do our part and keep you and your family safe.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Buyers need agents today to help maneuver through the entire process, otherwise, you have no one on your side to fight for you. Sellers need agents for the same reason. We speak on your half and take fiduciary responsibility very serious so you don’t get ripped off but also so you don’t miss any properties or opportunities.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto

Things are not the same as they were six months or a year ago. The same is true for six months to a year from now. There's also been an uptick in the cost to market properties, and because everything is digitally focused right now, 100% of buyers are looking at your homes online before anything else. So, if you're not going to invest in 3D Mataport tours, immersive drone tours, virtual staging, or perhaps even staging in general, and then have the professional photographer do their thing, you're losing a lot of money. THIS is why you need to have an agent representing on both the seller and buyer side.

Who’s got your back?

Trying to sell and buy a house in the middle of a pandemic takes significantly more effort; skill, practice, knowledge, technology and tenacity. On any given day, we are just as much project manager as we are real estate agents but either way, you can be sure your stress level and representation is next level with Mayer Realty Group on top of it. Call us today.

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