The Reality of HGTV

HGTV Real(i)ty Check
My guilty pleasure while working out is watching HGTV, and often it's the show with the lottery winners spending a portion of their winnings on a home. Unlike some other 'reality' TV shows this is less about the often freaky, staged and scripted antics of the agents and more about the real estate and the buyers. I have learned some things along the way:

1.  Most people dream of owning a home.
2.  Winning the lottery is 'not fair' just as it's 'not fair' that some are very rich or beautiful or successful while others are not. Sometimes life is not fair. At least as humans we (most of us) have a better chance of succeeding than antelopes in a world of lions. Creating an equal playing field for all is so important - everyone can play the lottery - yet we have to acknowledge that when someone wins a lottery, millions loose. And sometimes the 'winners' are neither smarter, nor more talented, nor more hardworking. That's life!
3.  'NICE' is a four-letter word and terribly over-used.  So is 'spa-bathroom' and 'OMG'.....
4. $250,000 is a fortune to most people....even a lottery winner with overnight riches beyond their wildest dreams! While many of us in larger cities speak of homes costing 'only $1 million', let this sink in....
5. The vast majority of the buyers of these 'only $250k homes' are happier and more excited about getting their dream home than the vast majority of buyers I have sold homes to that cost $10, 20 or 30 million.
6. Most buyers speak of gathering with friends and/or family in the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home. That's where the food is....ask my cat Joan!
7. What you may consider hideous or bland, others may deem exquisite. We all have different tastes. (Note to self: stop being judgmental about others' tastes.....oh, but it is fun!)
8.  What is it about all those 'gardens' with a fence and lawn and not a single plant in sight. Gardens are divine.....we need more of them! Maybe people see 'maintenance' when they see gardens?
9.  HGTV shows remind me that everyone's story and needs and likes and wants are different. So many personalities! So many different lifestyle needs and wants! 
10. Buyers note the color of walls fact they notice most of the things that are easiest to improve/change.
11.  People love pools but often fear the safety around pools and young kids.
Now off to work out and get some more HGTV Lottery Winner homebuyer insights!


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