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To Stage or Not to Stage

Why Stage Your Home When Selling?

Professionally staging your home for selling

It's easy to overlook why staging is so important. For my #Top5Tuesday_MM, here are 5 reasons you don't want to mess this up:

    1. First impressions matter

      • You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression and most of us size something up and decide if it's a thumbs up or a thumb's down pretty quick. The same theory applies to selling your home. For instance, a prospective buyer who finds themselves walking into a cluttered home will perceive it as lacking in storage and may not want to come back a second time, let alone seriously consider buying it. That’s why home staging, the method of styling a house to make it more appealing for potential buyers, is so important. It creates a good first impression that will leave your house on the top of your buyers’ wish lists.

    2. Emphasize Your Property’s Strong Points

      • While chipped paint and stained carpets are obvious problems that need to be handled right away, you might be surprised to find that you should also focus on depersonalizing your space. This includes removing taste specific décor that tells people too much about the current owners. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your buyers. Cluttered spaces will turn off potential buyers. Allowing buyers to explore your home without unnecessary distractions is key to helping them imagine living there.

    3. Your Buyers Will Be Able to Picture Themselves Living There

      • There is a precise psychology behind home staging. When you remove personal items, such as family photos, your buyers will be able to tour your home without feeling intrusive or uncomfortable. The act of depersonalizing also allows buyers to imagine the various ways in which they can customize and decorate the house for themselves. You want your buyers to say to themselves “I could definitely live here. And here’s how I can make this home my own.”

    4. Get a Head Start on Packing

      • You have to pack up all of your belongings eventually, before you can move. So why not start now? In order to stage your house, you must remove any and all clutter from the premises. You also need to pack away your personal belongings so buyers can imagine themselves living in the house. By staging the home, you’re making your job easier when it comes time to move. You won’t have as much stuff to box up at the last minute.

    5. It Will Give You an Edge in the Marketplace

      • Full service realtors who partner with home stagers are fully-equipped to drive a high rate of traffic to your listing, both online and in-person. As someone who probably wants to sell their home as quickly as possible, you should seek out these types of realtors as a part of a team of passionate experts with the ability to sell your home swiftly at the best price point.
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